Avtrac’s team of technical representatives are lifelong aviation professionals with experience working directly on behalf of aircraft owners and operators. Our inspection services provide peace of mind to operators procuring commercial aircraft and components. Whether securing operational assets through purchase or lease, Avtrac is able to manage any size project in a turn-key fashion or simply provide support to your internal technical team.
Pre-purchase/lease take-on of aircraft can be cumbersome to an internal Technical Operations team and Avtrac can provide valuable assistance that ensures fleet renewal and phase out programs move efficiently throughout the entire process. Our  services bring value in a variety of ways, including obtaining all relevant records/data, auditing for complete integrity, migration to operator platform, as well as physical inspection of the airframe and all components.
With more than 1,100 commercial aviation projects worked in our firm’s 25 year history, Avtrac brings the knowledge, skill, and dedication to ensure smooth fleet transition support.