Avtrac’s conversion and remarketing services are available to operators on both a scheduled and ad hoc basis. These services include full document preparation as well as onsite representation throughout any required maintenance input through to delivery. Avtrac maintains key relationships with MRO facilities as well as aircraft registries to ensure that any remarketing or conversion project progresses smoothly.
Aircraft Conversion Management
Avtrac’s team of in-house and onsite technical representatives have overseen dozens of passenger to freighter conversions (P2F). Project managing P2F conversions includes complete records preparation as well as additional auditing of documents so as to provide for the smoothest transition into the aircraft new operational role. Additionally, Avtrac is a EASA approved Part M CAMO with the ability to maintain continuing airworthiness throughout the conversion process.
Aircraft Remarketing
Bringing together more than 25 years experience as a commerical aviation consultant and up to the date continued real world experience, no firm is more qualified to represent aircraft owners and operators during transition periods including remarketing, delivery/re-delivery, and outright sales. Whether utilizing the client’s own CAMO or Avtrac’s, we are able to maintain continued airworthiness, locate storage slots when needed, and prepare audited records packages ensuring the smooth transition between two parties. Avtrac provides in-house support as well as onsite technical representation, keeping the client’s best interests protected at all times throughout the transaction.